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We know the challenges you face in creating and growing a memorable brand. You need effective marketing that generates a return in sales and brand loyalty. Necessary Design can help. We will come alongside you and your team to work together to set your business up with the right visual identity and strategic marketing to make you a successful brand.

  • We had outdated promotional materials. Our communications to a 18-24 year old client market needed to be more relevant. Our added challenge was cramming a lot of new information into donor brochures for a different market segment while not overwhelming the reader. Necessary Design created multiple products for us that were cohesive when displayed together yet effectively addressed varied audiences. Necessary Design used graphics in a fresh way to convey dense information easily. They helped us with branding, logo and palette development and to better communicate who we are and what we do. Along the way, Maria Necessary suggested ways to design materials that would improve our client experience or save production costs. I would recommend Necessary Design to anyone wanting to improve their game!

    Kimberly Logsdon
    Kimberly Logsdon, Executive Director at Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers
  • My experiences with graphic designers have spanned the spectrum from the hyper-creative artistes (beautiful, expensive, late) to hyped-up clip art copyists (ugly, cheap, on time). That’s why it’s so refreshing to work with Necessary Design, whose creative designs are invariably beautiful, affordable, and delivered as planned. ND created new projects for me based on ideas I described with less detail than your average napkin doodle. They have taken fully developed ideas from prior projects and gotten in the previous artist’s head, expanding and developing the ideas while remaining consistent to the original feel. I offer the highest imaginable recommendation for Maria Necessary and Necessary Design. Print, web, packaging… ND instinctively understands how to make designs beautiful and simple and exactly what they need to be.

    Joe M. Turner
    Joe M. Turner, Turner Magic and President Elect - International Brotherhood of Magicians

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  • Raab Sales

    Raab Sales

  • Care Net Client Donor Brochure

    Care Net Client Donor Brochure

  • Party Lolli

    Party Lolli

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  • PETiquette Academy

    PETiquette Academy

  • Lisa McKay Jewelry

    Lisa McKay Jewelry

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  • Facts to Faith

    Facts to Faith

  • For Every Life Photography

    For Every Life Photography

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  • Notes From Kris

    Notes From Kris

  • Boxercraft Catalog Spring 2014

    Boxercraft Catalog Spring 2014

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    Technical Illustration

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    Product Rendering

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    Foundation Management & Pro-productions

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  • Burnt Hickory Candle Company

    Burnt Hickory Candle Company

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  • ScentSicles Kohls Pack

    ScentSicles Kohls Pack

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  • ScentSicles


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  • Care Net Client Cards

    Care Net Client Cards

  • Life Defender

    Life Defender

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  • AirSonics


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  • As the most basic visual identity of a brand, a logo becomes more significant as a business grows. The best are designed around effective simplicity and will defy trends.

  • The experience and professionalism of you and your team, or the quality of your product, will likely be dismissed if your online presence speaks to the contrary.  A great website will help validate your company with potential clients and provide them with pertinent information they might be seeking about your company.  

    Necessary Design creates sites that are both functional, and visually pleasing, while providing relevant and easy to navigate content.  

  • From full product catalogs, brochures or flyers to invitations or business cards - we'll have you covered.


  • A content management system will save you the headaches associated with managing your website. We have partnered with caSaaS web CMS to offer a single point solution to simplify the process and empower you and your team to make changes to your site, newsletters, blog and more with ease.  

  • Package design plays a significant role in retail.  Appearance alone can motivate a consumer to select one product over a competing one - even if it carries a higher price.  Our designs have graced the shelves of major retailers in North and South America, so we understand the many print requirements that vary from country to country. Our team is comfortable working across the divisions of your company, its supply chain and your client's purchasing agents to meet product deadlines. Quite simply - we get it.

Our Clients

  • Care Net
  • EnviroScent
  • Workforce Resource
  • Turner Magic
  • Operation Appreciation

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